Lollard Human

The Lolls are an ancient oriental race with large builds and a rich heritage as fierce warriors. The Lolls have conquered vast lands – overwhelming the Tarsican super continent, and have even invaded Vishrondia on two separate occasions in history. Eventually even the power of the great empire cannot sustain

provinces and territories across such vast

distances. The individual kingdoms regain

their independence and one-by-one the Lollard

empire returns to its place in the warm lands of

the Jade Forests. The empire goes through

periods of division when many powerful

families will rise to power and fight for

supremacy of the Lollard empire.

The Daojin live in the south in what is known

as the Emerald empire and are known for their

monasteries, mental discipline, and their

mysteries (using spirits, psychic powers, and KI). The Daojin do not believe in

killing for any reason, but will defend themselves with non-lethal force if necessary.

The battle hardened Bujin use many weapons with extreme skill and constantly

fight, often amongst themselves. They are advanced and savage in battle. Crude

and cruel when dealing with foreigners.

The Lollard legacy has changed the people influenced by them greatly. Silks,

spices, oral traditions, art, architecture, and even language has been passed along

by Lollard conquerors. The Thussin language is actually a mix of Wessin and Loll.

And across the Thussin and Thusbar speaking lands many colleges of monastic

martial arts can trace their origins thousands of miles away to the shores of the

Emerald River Gojau. The Lolls have never been adept at the use of magic and

have relied on the skills of Reavers or anti-wizards capable of draining magic from

spellcasters. This art was taught to them by the legendary Gosuu – a dark and

sinister stranger from their deepest past.

Lollard Human

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