Rael - The Walls of Holaz

Fighting a Demon

Holaz was hiding behind their great wall. They were refusing to let in refugees for they feared the demons and beasts that came from the wild lands. The adventure started at a city that sprung up at a destroyed section of the wall. On the one side was a city and the other a refugee village. The village was being raided alternately by Orcs, goblins, kobolds, and hobgoblins. The raiders would kill the men and take the women.

They were doing fine attacking goblins and hobgoblins who were raiding. They traced these attacks to a ravine valley filled with a cave system. They even found places along the way where the women were held in cages. After another brutal raid by hobgoblins the brave companions decided that the villagers could not stay. Since the city would not open the crimson gate to let them back in – for fear of demons – they hatched a new plan.

They managed to sneak the populace of the refugee camp many miles North and eventually snuck over the wall and helped them to safety. As good adventurers do, they decided to put an end to this menace and find out what could get Goblins, Orcs, Kobolds, and Hobgoblins to co-operate. They tracked the villanous hobgoblins back to a clearing they had found before. They found a group of 6 hobgoblins and an unknown opponent.

This unknown opponent had red skin, horns, and a bulky black coat that was split all the way up the back. They could see some kind of tail sticking out from underneath the cloak. The cages had villagers in them.

Buoyed by their successes all day long they attacked the group, getting the drop on them and killing a hobgoblin straight away. The barbarian waded forward to confront the remaining foes.

The unknown opponent took to the sky on its bat-like wings. Instantly, it struck down the life-cleric with bolts of fire from its fingertips. Although the barbarian had vanquished the hobgoblins, the cambion fried him too.

The cleric was dead. The barbarian unconscious and dying. The rogue hid. The cambion came down to survey the scene but couldn’t find where the rogue had scarpered to. The cambion checked the vitals of the barbarian elf-dragon to see that he was still alive and dragged him over to the caves. He didn’t administer any healing.

He then cursed profusely about having to guard the prisoners. In fact, he considered it so beneath him that he flew off. [At the table I said he’d fly off on a roll of 18-20 and then rolled an 18].

The barbarian failed his stabilizing rolls and succumbed to his injuries.

The rogue vowed to identify creatures before attacking them in the future. Amending his previously held belief that “the DM wouldn’t present us with a foe that is far too powerful for us.”

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